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waterIf you like the best water in the World, come in and get a gallon of Kangen (alkaline, hexagonal, and anti-oxidant) water for a dollar. Just bring your own containers! Change The Water! Just as with the fish, our cells need adequate clean water in order to facilitate the detoxification process.

The liver-colon, kidney-bladder, skin-sweat, lung-breath, and lymphatic systems all require water and if it's not abundantly supplied, wastes build up in the (interstitial) fluid surrounding the cells and detox is slow or curtailed. As a result toxins may be detoured to arteries, joints, or fatty tissue, etc. The Mayo Clinic indicates that the average adult loses 10 cups of water daily from breathing, perspiring and eliminating waste. It is vital to our health to provide sufficient quantities of water, and is our way of changing the water in our metaphorical fish bowl. Kangen Water provides the perfect water to change to.

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