We benefit nutritionally from many components found in foods that also happen to be rich in "direct" antioxidants, such as oranges, dark chocolate, and red wine.

It is thought that if we eat these foods and many other direct antioxidant supplements, we would receive tremendous antioxidant rewards and reduce our total oxidative stress. Science is showing us that it is not true.

Current scientific studies show that your body can't ingest enough antioxidants through food, juices, or vitamins to equal the number of free radicals your body makes every day; therefore failing to relieve oxidative stress. In fact, studies are also suggesting that consuming large amounts of direct antioxidants through supplements may result in antioxidants reacting with oxygen in your system, which results in the production of oxidants and increased oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is the result of the metabolic wear and tear seen in aging and is said to give a foothold to many of the undesirable effects of aging.

As we get older, our oxidative stress levels increase significantly-our bodies can't keep up with the free radicals produced through the metabolic process.

A multi-billion dollar industry was born with the discovery of free radicals and the antioxidants said to eliminate them.

As the science of free radical biology has evolved, a new discovery has come to light.

Science is now finding that "direct" antioxidants that come from vitamins cannot significantly reduce the oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

In fact, the latest research suggests that some of these antioxidants may actually create more oxidative stress.

Our body produces its own free-radical-fighting enzymes that are so powerful they can completely reduce the age-dependent increase in oxidative stress.

With this discovery and the patented, clinically proven product that causes our bodies to produce the enzymes, Protandim, a new opportunity for health and prosperity has begun.

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